About ColoradoSeen

ColoradoSeen is an internet photography-centered magazine about Colorado.

 "Magazine" was originally an Arabic word for "storehouse," and that's what we hope to become — a storehouse of pictures that tell the ongoing stories of Colorado in the 21st century.

Our primary emphasis will be on the photo essay — a group of pictures that work together to capture an event or tell a story. With just enough words to draw them together. 

About me

I'm Andy Piper, editor and publisher of ColoradoSeen.com. I'm a former page designer/editor from the Rocky Mountain News, and a Colorado resident since 1993. The death of the Rocky was a sad change for Colorado and Denver — but with change comes opportunity, and I am taking this opportunity to see what can be done with photojournalism using the Internet.

Besides Denver, I've worked in Puerto Rico, Indianapolis, Memphis and Chicago. I've also been a freelance travel photographer and writer. I also was a partner and multimedia reporter for the brief experiment RockyMountainIndependent.com in the summer of 2009.



We are too new to have a list of FAQs — but I'll bet you do have questions. So here are some answers ahead of time:

> How is ColoradoSeen going to support itself?

That remains to be seen. Internet display advertising doesn't pay very well (yet) for the amount of clutter it adds to a site. I'm not a fan of pay walls, especially for unproven content. I'd prefer not to become a charitable organization. So most likely there will be a way to give us voluntary, non-tax-deductible support — if you think the content is worth something. When it started, the original LIFE magazine cost a dime (hint, hint). 

> Is ColoradoSeen going to vanish after three months, or turn into an aggregation site with less original content?

Nope. We're in this for the long haul. It takes a lot of time to build an audience, so we're planning to stick around a while and give that audience a chance to develop (or prove it isn't there). The comedian and movie director Woody Allen once said "Eighty percent of success is just showing up." ColoradoSeen has shown up. We'll see about the other 20% as time goes by.

> Is this just Andy Piper's vanity site?

I sure hope not. There are many other eyes in Colorado besides mine, and I want to provide a broad range of stories and visions of the state. But I do want to be able to pay photographers and videographers something for their work, so until the "support" question gets answered — well, I work cheap. But if you are a photographer with a story to tell, hit the contact button and tell me about what you have. If you're not a photographer, but think there is a story ColoradoSeen should cover, tell me about that, too.

> Will ColoradoSeen have video content as well as still pictures?

Yes. You can see the first one HERE. and there is now a list of videos on the home page.